Now that we are in spring, it is the right time to try a new look and go for different haircuts.

And it is that new styles are dominating the trends in the season and stylize the face, so they are perfect for women with a round face.

From a short to a long style, there is something for all tastes, and they are also fresh and modern, so you must take a chance.

Fresh and Modern Haircuts Round Faced Women Must Try in Spring

Long bob

The long bob is in trend this spring, and it is a fresh and elegant cut that also stylizes the face.

And it is that this cut that goes below the shoulders balances the dimensions of the round face, and to the hair covering the cheeks, it gives a greater proportion to the features.

You can wear it straight, or asymmetrical if you want to show off an even slimmer face, as you look it will look great.

Shaggy with layers

The shaggy is a great option for the season, and it looks great on round-faced women, especially if you wear it in layers.

In this way you can frame your face in a natural, elegant and sexy way, and you will have a fresher and newer image that you are going to love.

Asymmetrical pixie

If you want to take a risk and go for a drastic cut, then feel free to try the pixie cut, and the best way to stylize your face is to wear it asymmetrical.

And it is that it compensates with an angle the width of the face, letting the cut fall to the side of the forehead with a fringe.

Long layered with bangs

Another option if you do not like a very short style, is to wear a long layered and fringed, which will stylize your face.

And is that the layers will give movement to your hair and refine your face, achieving a perfect effect for spring.

The best option for the fringe is to wear it as a curtain, so that you refine your features even more, and look beautiful.

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