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Modern dyes to illuminate the face that will give you a look of impact

There are some dyes that are trending in the spring and they suit women of any age.

In addition, these shades are perfect to give light to the face and have an impact look, softening the features, hiding expression lines and looking rejuvenated.

That is why we tell you what are the tones that achieve this miraculous effect and you must try this 2021.

Modern dyes to illuminate the face that will give you a look of impact


Plating is perfect for brightening your face and eyes, and also helps to hide gray hair, so it has many benefits.

The recommended thing is a white, bright tint with metallic sparkles, in this way you will have a striking look without much effort, so dare to change your style.

Rubio dorado

Blond never goes out of style, and the perfect one to look fashionable and illuminate the face is golden blonde.

This tone brightens the face and softens the features, in addition to rejuvenating, making it a perfect tone for any skin tone.

Copper hair

Copper hair, or copper hair, is a sensation this spring, and you should definitely try it, because you will love the result.

And it is that this tone suits both blonde women and brunettes, and highlights the features, giving a beautiful shine to your hair and illuminating your face and eyes.

light brown

This shade is perfect to rejuvenate, and the key is to wear it at least two shades lighter than your natural hair.

In addition, it gives light to the face, making you look impressive, and hiding wrinkles and expression lines.

Whatever tone you choose, you will look great, and you will renew your image, the important thing is that you like it and wear it with security and confidence.

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