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Moderator Sandra Kuhn – behind the scenes at BILD Live

The morning has news in its mouth!

Berlin – At 4.45 a.m., the alarm clock rings for Sandra Kuhn (39), the new face of BILD Live. But the presenter usually jumps out of bed happily and starts her long day.

Accompany the mother of two behind the scenes at BILD Live.

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4.45 a.m.

The alarm clock is ringing. I have to get up earlier than ever now. That takes getting used to. Nevertheless, I always try to start the day fresh.

5.50 a.m.

Arrival at the publishing house. My first source of information is BILD. Our first conference starts at 6 a.m.

6.45 a.m.

Put on your mask, make it pretty for the show. There’s a lot to do there. But Verena (r.) And Ulli conjure up the perfect look for me.

7.30 am

I choose a new outfit and new shoes from my styling colleagues every day, depending on my mood. I try to vary between dresses and blazers. Today I choose a Zara blazer.

8.30 a.m.

Consultation with Thomas. We clarify which topics are moderated by who. There is usually time for a motivational selfie.

9 clock

The broadcast starts. From the first second on, I’m highly concentrated and fully in the tunnel. Five hours in a row is really exhausting. But when things go well, the happiness hormones come as a reward.

14 o’clock

Surprise visit after the broadcast. I’m wearing one of my favorite Asos dresses. My daughter, Leni (3), who picks me up at the end of the day, likes that too. For them, it’s normal for mom to be on TV. She always says that she would also like to work at BILD.

17 o’clock

After the show is before the show. Now family fun with Leni and my son Carl (1) is the order of the day. At the moment preferably on the trampoline.

8 p.m.

Fashion week. That evening I meet Hollywood star Kate Bosworth, sit next to her and Helmut Schlotterer (owner Marc Cain) in the front row. Kate has extensively praised me for my outfit. It felt like we’d been friends for years.

9.30 p.m.

When I get home, I say hello to my husband Kristof (40) and my daughter when she is still awake. This time, for once, she wanted to go to bed later to see me. Sugar sweet!

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