Chicago White Sox designated hitter Yermín Mercedes continued his incredible start to the season, tying one of the oldest records in major league history

The dream season start of Yermin Mercedes next to Chicago White Sox continued on Saturday night, in which the player continued his great performance of five consecutive hits in his first game as a starter, with another three hits, including his first home run in Big leagues.

According to information provided by Elias Sports Bureau, Yermin Mercedes on Saturday became the first player in the entire “It was Modern”(From 1900 to date) to start his campaign with eight consecutive hits. In the process, he also became the only player in history to have started his starting career with eight hits continuously.

The first hit of the Dominican during the day on Saturday came in the second inning, with a beastly home run throughout the center field, the first home runs of his career. Mercedes he would continue with a single to the short field of central meadow, with which he would drive his second run of the meeting. He would be followed by a one-lap RBI double between left and center field and, during his last turn of the game, in the top of the eighth inning, he ended the streak with a fly ball to the hands of Mike Trout.

Unfortunately, the historic performance of three hits in four at-bats and two RBIs was not enough to prevent the defeat of the team. Chicago versus Los Angeles Angels, who prevailed with a score of five runs compared to three.

The astronomical start of Yermin Mercedes In 2021 he currently has eight hits in nine at-bats, hitting .889, along with an on-base percentage (OBP) of .889 and a slugging percentage (SLG) of 1,444, good for an OPS of 2,333. all being the best statistics of the MLB in the first three dates of the campaign.

Mercedes looks like he will have more chances as a designated hitter than Chicago White Sox, which will enable you to try to continue obtaining the positive results that you have had so far.