Mixed cells attend to close gym

The Juarez Journal

Tuesday, 05 January 2021 | 11:24

Juarez City.- State and municipal police accompanied by inspectors of the Interior and Municipal Commerce that make up the Covid cells, try to close down the Alcatraz gym, where owners and managers of several establishments in the field met this morning to set positions against the provisions of the state government that oblige them to remain closed.

The members of the cell tried to close and seal the doors, but several people prevented them and threatened not to let them approach the doors.

Juan Carlos ‘N’ in charge of the business, commented that they have had contact with state officials, who have been made to see the affectation that their businesses have, that they continue to pay rents, salaries and services despite being closed due to the restrictions set by the traffic light orange

Outside the premises, located on Avenida Tecnológico y Ejército Nacional, there are six units of the State Security Commission and Municipal Police, as well as vehicles from Coespris, the State Government and Commerce.

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