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Mission of Honduras and CBP address immigration situation


The migratory crisis that the Northern Triangle of Central America is experiencing and that puts Honduras as one of its main protagonists52, he mobilized a large Honduran delegation to USA to address the consequences of these massive mobilizations.

Since Wednesday, a large high-level delegation from the Honduran government is in Washington as part of an official work visit.

In the framework of several meetings to address the problem, Honduran authorities met yesterday with Debbie Seguin, deputy commissioner for US Customs and Border Protection International Affairs (CBP).

The delegation takes new steps with the authorities of the president’s administration Joe Biden in monitoring the priority issues of the bilateral agenda between Honduras and the United States, says an official statement from the Foreign Ministry.

In the meeting with Seguin participated the ambassador of Honduras on USA, Luis Fernando Suazo, and the director of the INational Institute of Migration (INM), Carolina Menjívar. Today is scheduled a meeting with members of the State Department.

“The space for conversation seeks to develop and strengthen dialogue and the identification of joint actions in the area of ​​migration.

Likewise, points of interest and common challenges regarding the current migratory flows were discussed ”, they point out.

USA it has pressured the Central American countries for concrete actions that contain the illegal migratory flow.

Every time a new caravan arises, the alarms go off in that country, since this situation encourages many more to emigrate, aggravating the situation on the border between Mexico and the United States, where an unprecedented flow has been detected.

Shared responsibility

For critics of Biden governmentThat the migratory flow is increased is also an internal responsibility.

Republicans hold the government to open the gates of the country to those who cross the border illegally and to provoke a “crisis” on the border between the United States and Mexico.

Texas Republican Congressman Roger Williams said it is “a tragedy that children as young as three years old are attempting a long and dangerous journey alone.” “The Biden government must take urgent action as the crisis at the border continues to endanger children, “he said. For Congressman Jim Jordan, “the chaos at the border could have been avoided” by maintaining the policies of Donald Trump.

Senior officials of the Biden government affirmed that this increase is temporary and held the government above for dismantling the federal infrastructure to prosecute the undocumented.

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