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Missing nutritionist found dead in Veracruz


The body of Samara Aurora Arroyo Lemarroy, a nutritionist from Veracruz who disappeared on December 23, was found at the home of William “N”, located in the Palmas de Arriba town of Actopan, south of Veracruz.

An operation was carried out between the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Attention to Disappeared Persons and the Ministerial Police, and following the indications thrown by the investigation, they found the remains of the young woman.

After a tour of the land they were able to locate the body of the victim, I appreciate the family’s trust in the state attorney general’s office, who denounced and provided important data to clarify the case, “stated the state attorney general, Verónica Hernández, in a message spread by social networks.

Anyone who assaults or attempts against the life of a woman will be a woman who investigated him and brought him to justice, and a judicial branch that is led by a woman will also sentence him, quite add to women, there will be no impunity. ” said the governor of the state, Cuitláhuac García.

Samara’s coworkers at the High Specialty Medical Unit (UMAE) number 14 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), demanded justice.

It should be remembered that her family and friends began a network campaign from the moment of her disappearance to pressure the Government of Veracruz and the State Prosecutor’s Office to expedite the investigations and find her alive.

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