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Missing Chayen (10) – She grabbed a pink suitcase and drove off

While little Chayen (10) just got on a train and went on an adventurous journey, the police searched with a large contingent and detection dogs. And her grandpa, with whom the little one is growing up, was deeply concerned.

Güstrow – The ten-year-old student from Boldebuck disappeared without a trace on Tuesday afternoon – even stayed away overnight! The police went on a public search on Tuesday evening, but initially without success. Yesterday around noon finally the big sigh of relief: the police had discovered Chayen at the Hanover train station.

But what happened after Chayen left her school in Güstrow (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) at 2.15 p.m.?

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The girl was supposed to take the bus to her grandpa – but the child never got there! Instead, we went on a two-day train journey in several stages:

As the federal police announced after questioning the little ones, she apparently got on a train to Berlin. There she “took” a pink suitcase. Then the runaway traveled on to Hamburg.

From there, according to the findings, she wanted to take a long-distance train to Stuttgart to see a friend. “However, the girl did not have a ticket, so her adventurous journey ended in Hanover,” said the federal police in Hanover.

“The girl was recognized, approached and stopped by the federal police in Hanover. She was traveling alone on the train, ”police spokeswoman Kristin Hartfil told BILD. “The child is doing well. There is no evidence of a crime. ”It still seems unclear where she spent the night.

The ten-year-old did not want to reveal the reason for the trip across the country and where she had spent the night, as it was said. The suitcase from Berlin was returned to its owner.

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