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Miss fought suicide; they find her dead

Froylan Escobar
Reform Agency

Sunday, 03 January 2021 | 06:34

Ximena Luna Hita, paramedic, nursing student and Miss Aguascalientes 2019, was found dead in her apartment. He was 21 years old and was precisely promoting help to young people with suicidal tendencies.

With Ivonne Hernández, he had created the Fundación Vidas con Sentido (Vicsen), precisely to create awareness in children and young people with these types of thoughts as they are objects of harassment, violence or drugs.

“We are in shock, we cannot believe this situation, we are sad, dismayed, heartbroken, we cannot say more,” Hernández said in a telephone interview. “She was always a very happy girl, happy and loved everything she did.”

It was the Miss Mexico Organization itself who shared the news of the death, which occurred on January 1 in her native Aguascalientes, and sent condolences to the family.

“There is no correct way to communicate news as unfortunate as this; the confirmation of the death of Ximena Hita Miss Aguascalientes, whom we knew, appreciated and admired, fills us with pain and sadness, who will forever remain in our memories.

“Ximena, we will always remember you; thank you for all your love for building an inclusive society with values, we will always carry your legacy,” they wrote.

Luna Hita was going to participate in the final of the beauty pageant to look for the Mexican representative on her way to Miss World, at a gala scheduled for March in Chihuahua.

The local media have handled two versions, one indicates that Luna Hita hanged herself, and another indicates that she died as a result of taking drugs.

However, Hernández asked to wait for the official report from the authorities.

“We don’t really know the circumstances or how it was, and the police have not given a verdict, so we ask that you be careful,” he said.

On Saturday, the family organized a present body mass at the Guadalupe Aguascalientes Shrine.

“Formerly the church considered a mortal sin who tried or had tried to take their own life, after the Second Vatican Council, in the new catechism of the church, the church has even allowed them to be fired as God intended, formerly not even that was allowed.

“Today, the church considers this fact not as a mortal sin, especially when someone is involved in problems so hard and difficult that, for them, they have no remedy and more when in the last breath the person says: ‘My God, have mercy on me. ‘That’s what I tell their parents, too, be calm, “the priest commented at the mass, which was broadcast via Facebook.

The Miss’s parents, Gabriela and Mauricio, as well as her brothers Mauri and Daniel, joined in a prayer; Through tears they dismissed her while the father blessed and sanctified the coffin.

“Today you leave into the arms of God, he has called you, your mission was already written, God and you know his reasons, why today you decided to come and also decided to leave, just this time marked by both was the time necessary for you and all, “said one of the relatives.

On January 1, a message from the hydrocalida appeared on Miss Aguascalientes’s Instagram account.

“Let’s take 2021 as a year to reinvent ourselves, which will be full of love, health, prosperity, abundance, blessings, but above all full of love and health. I wish you with all my heart a happy 2021 where you achieve everything you set your mind to and be extremely happy, “wrote Luna Hita.

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