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Misfortune in US National Park – woman in a coma trying to save her dog

Laiha Slayton (20) literally risked her skin trying to save her puppy Rusty from certain death.

Slayton was visiting the thermal springs of the famous Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming (USA) with her father Woodraw and the family dogs Rusty and Chevy when the accident happened: While Laiha was still looking for linen, Rusty burned his paw on the seeping water. The one-year-old Shih Tzu runs into a 90 degree hot geyser in panic.

His mistress immediately jumps after him to save Rusty. During the rescue attempt in the simmering water, Laiha suffers third-degree burns and has to be rescued by her father Woodraw herself. He succeeds in pulling his daughter and animal out of the thermal spring, but he burns his foot in the process.

Woodraw drives Laiha to West Yellowstone despite his injury. From there, both are flown by helicopter to a special hospital in Idaho Falls (US state Idaho). Laiha Slayton has severe burns from her feet to shoulders. Her palms have “completely disappeared”, her sister Kamilla tells the “Daily Mail“. The dental assistant will spend the next two weeks in a coma, according to Kamilla, and will then have to undergo lengthy surgeries to restore her skin.

Rusty was less fortunate: the Shih Tzu puppy was taken to the vet but died of his wounds.

Kamilla Slayton has a “GoFundMePage set up to raise funds for Rusty’s funeral and medical expenses for her sister and father. So far, around 25,000 US dollars (21,610 euros) have been raised there.

Yellowstone National Park issued an impressive warning after the disaster: “Protect your animals while you are in the park by constantly having them physically under control. Pets must be in the car, in a box or on a leash that must not be longer than 1.80 meters. “

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