Minus 49 degrees near Tomsk: New temperature records in Siberia

Minus 49 degrees near Tomsk
New temperature records in Siberia

Last weekend was a highlight for several Russian meteorologists. In Siberia, temperatures fell in some places as low as never before. Other places reported values ​​as they had not for decades.

Cold, colder, coldest: in the south and west of Siberia, meteorologists have set new cold records. In the village of Teguldet near the city of Tomsk, the mercury column dropped to minus 49 degrees Celsius at the weekend, said a weather expert from the Russian state agency Tass.

“Western Siberia made a deep impression on the meteorologists.” In Novosibirsk the temperature was between minus 37 and minus 41 degrees. Earlier records in Siberia’s largest city were topped by 5 degrees.

In other regions it was as cold as in the past 50 to 100 years, the spokesman said. According to the authorities, many people had to be treated with frostbite. There have also been numerous traffic accidents and flight cancellations.

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