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The Health Secretary updated figures of deaths and contagion of coronavirus (COVID-19). Until this Tuesday night, Mexico accumulates 1 million 466 thousand 490 Confirmed cases; as well as 128 thousand 822 deaths by the pandemic.

The minute by minute of the conference:

20:00 Hrs. On COVID-19 vaccines for nationals in U.S, stressed that so far it is not possible to transport the dose outside of Mexico by health regulation issues.

19:50 Hrs. Hugo López-Gatell called not to “skip the line” to receive the vaccine against coronavirus:

“… There are health personnel, for example we, who are not in COVID clinical units, we do not have to be vaccinated at this time and we are not going to be vaccinated at this time, until it corresponds to us, due to our health condition or our age condition… ”,


States in green color could open schools

19:40 Hrs. Reiterates which entities in green traffic light, could open schools after vaccinating teachers:

“… This provides the opportunity to anticipate the opening of schools … if educational personnel are vaccinated and in particular the personnel who are directly with the students …”,


19:30 Hrs. The undersecretary of Prevention and health promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, spoke about the distribution logistics of the vaccine from Pfizer pharmaceutical:

“… So far there have been no difficulties, we have freezers that have been made available by public health institutions and also in the case of Coahuila by the Autonomous University of Coahuila …”


19:20 Hrs. He explained that currently only the Mexico City and the Mexico state have more than 70% in the occupation of beds with fan for the most serious cases. Four more entities are between 50 and 69%, which are Nuevo Leon, Baja California, Hidalgo and Queretaro.

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Mexico accumulates 1 million 466 thousand 490 Confirmed cases of coronavirus

19:10 Hrs. The CEO of epidemiology from Health Secretary, José Luis Alomía Zegarra, reported that until Tuesday night, Mexico accumulates 1 million 466 thousand 490 Confirmed cases; as well as 128 thousand 822 deaths by pandemic.

“… For the purposes of weeks 51 to 52, an already more marked decline that we are even measuring for today Tuesday at -19%. We know, all of you know that this number is going to move depending on how the cases are integrated during the week … “,

José Luis Alomía Zegarra, general director of Epidemiology.

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