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Milomanova said the Queen made her life hell

Singer Milana Milomanova, who was only a witness in the story of the betrayal of the bodybuilder Tarzan with actress Anastasia Shulzhenko, said that she would be up to sixteen years in prison. The reason is that the singer Natasha Koroleva for some reason forgave her husband’s mistress, but wants to put her in jail.

According to Milomanova, she had a confrontation with Tarzan. As a result, everything was hanged on the girl: theft, filming, distribution of porn. According to the girl, she became the scapegoat in this story. Milomanova said that Tarzan was not the first victim of Shulzhenko. She had previously done the same trick with a fake video of her stripper boyfriend.

“I agree that my fault is also there, but I have already paid a lot. My reputation is tarnished, and I don’t know how to live with it. Natasha Koroleva turned my life into hell. Is she really ready to live with this, knowing that she broke the life of an innocent person and sent him to jail to murderers and drug addicts? “

Milana Milomanova

Recall that about a year ago, bodybuilder Tarzan invited two girls to his home. With one of them – Anastasia Shulzhenko – he cheated on his wife, and the second filmed the whole process on video. Natasha Koroleva later said that jewelry worth five million rubles had disappeared from her house. The video, recorded by Milomanova, she asked to be recognized as pornography, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda.

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