Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown

The dream of many interpreters is to get a role in the Marvel or DC Comics factory that guarantees them a regular job for years giving life to the same character in different films, so they take care to make it clear in their interviews that they are great fans of the superhero genre. However, actress Millie Bobby Brown has had no qualms about admitting that she is not interested in such fantastic productions and, in fact, she has not seen any of those that have dominated the box office in recent times.

“I have not seen a Marvel movie, never, and I have not seen the DC ones either. It is quite a surprise, I know,” he confessed in statements to MTV News. “It’s not my thing, but I’m open to it,” she hastened to add before her representative had a heart attack for the rudeness he had just done to two of the heavyweights of the film industry.

The question does not end there. The 17-year-old interpreter must be one of the few teenagers on the planet who has not seen at least one of the eight installments that make up the Harry Potter saga. In her opinion, the fact that she herself works on projects like the science fiction suspense series’ Stranger things’ or more recently on the film ‘Godzilla vs. Kong ‘has made me lose interest in fantasy stories.

“It’s not something that drives me crazy because since I’m already working on it … I think that’s why. I already dedicate myself to doing those things, so in my day to day I want to see something that is real,” Millie confessed, who is a huge fan of romantic comedies.

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