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“Mild or moderate”: these were the supposedly adverse reactions of Sputnik V

He 99.3% of the 1,088 events supposedly attributed to vaccinations and immunizations notified to Integrated Health Information System of Argentina (SIISA) from the beginning of the National Vaccination Campaign against coronavirus, on December 29, “They were mild and moderate.”

This is what the Second Vaccine Safety Surveillance Report, made by Ministry of Health in conjunction with the National Commission for Vaccine Safety. Behind the application of 39,599 doses in 22 of the 24 jurisdictions of the country, 1,088 cases of presumed reactions to inoculation, moderate or mild, were reported practically in their entirety.

“39.7% of the ESAVIs reported correspond to people with fever, headache and / or myalgia that started 6 to 8 hours after vaccination”, indicates the report, which remarks that “99.3% of the reported events they were mild and moderate. “

According to the report, 31.1% of the events were headaches and myalgias; 10.2% fever; 7.2% a local reaction at the injection site and 1.3% fever with gastrointestinal symptoms.

Only 1.2% had mild allergies; 0.6% lipothymia, the same gastrointestinal symptoms and 0.2% drowsiness.

For people who received the vaccine, it is recommended to consult the nearest health center in case of symptoms after inoculation.

Although vaccination is contraindicated in lactating women, administration of the vaccine should not imply stopping it.

Regarding the evaluation of vaccinated people who report symptoms after the application of the dose, the report recommends “to carry out a complete clinical evaluation, report the case as ESAVI”.

Given the detection of symptoms such as fever, headache or flu-like onset within 24 to 48 hours after vaccination, it is recommended to indicate symptomatic treatment with paracetamol with home rest and isolation.

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