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Mikhail Porechenkov: “Height, weight, big nose, hairy hands – I pull less and less on the hero-lover”

52-year-old Mikhail Porechenkov does not hide the fact that in the cinema he most often plays unremarkable men. “I have only one role – I’m a simpleton. I can, however, switch to a hero, I can – to a hero-lover, but less and less often. Cinema, unfortunately, exploits the given – height, weight, big nose, hairy hands. Although recently we shot a wonderful picture with Vlad Furman, it seems to me. The “parent” is called. The work is tough, difficult, just breaking! I play a parent, or rather, one of the. But in the theater, the work is more interesting and varied. But I have to love all my heroes – not only that, I also have to justify ”, – said the artist.

As Porechenkov noted, like any public person, he often faces criticism. Only now the actor tries not to pay attention to the negative. “I don’t go to social networks. I’m trying to walk my way. As it pleases God, so it will all the same. And it would be nice if my will did not interfere with His will. We will do what we need to do, and come what may. And to be afraid of criticism … How do we know from what rubbish poetry grows? Let the actor be whatever you want, the main thing is that he should not be like someone else. This difference is the beauty. We all make mistakes – and that’s fine too. Even if our mistakes weren’t fatal, that’s all, ”says Mikhail Evgenievich.

Despite his busy work schedule, the artist does not forget to devote enough time to his family. Recall that Porechenkov is married to a woman named Olga. With her, he brings up three children – 18-year-old Mikhail, 16-year-old Maria, 10-year-old Peter. From previous relationships, the actor also has a 31-year-old son Vladimir and a 23-year-old daughter Varvara.

“A man cannot fully realize himself without a family. He must feel loved, must feel like the head of the family, father, grandfather – these are all stages of his growth, inner improvement. I don’t know any other way of becoming a man. No, I’m not campaigning for anyone – people live differently. But for myself, my friends and I have chosen just such a path. And may the Lord help us in this. My wife Olga is the main person who leads the house. She is a great fellow, she copes with everything, ”concluded the artist.

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