Mike Pence opposes Donald Trump in the US Congress

Donald Trump cannot count on Mike Pence’s support in certifying the results of the US election. The Vice President announced that he would not unilaterally reject votes from voters at the session of Congress.

His oath to protect the constitution does not allow him, Pence announced shortly before the start of Wednesday’s session, which he chairs as President of the Senate. Pence opposed Trump’s demands. The elected Republican had increased the pressure on his deputy in the past few days to overturn the election victory of Democrat Joe Biden.

Trump had claimed that the vice president had the power to “fraudulently” reject selected voters. “Do it, Mike – these times need extreme courage,” wrote Trump on Twitter on Wednesday.

However, the law only allows Pence a ceremonial role at the meeting of the House of Representatives and the Senate – the two houses of Congress.

Trump spoke to supporters about “weak Republicans”

Trump claims he was robbed of his victory by massive election fraud. He did not provide any evidence of this. Dozens of lawsuits by the Trump camp have failed, including before the US Supreme Court.

Congressional election certification is usually a formality in the United States. However, several Republicans tabled an initiative on Wednesday to prevent Biden’s election victory from being recognized in the state of Arizona. The certification of the election results is likely to be delayed, but such initiatives have no prospect of success.

Trump spoke to his supporters against “weak Republicans” who wanted to join the certification of Biden’s election victory. The outgoing president reiterated his unjustifiable election fraud allegations and announced that he would “never” recognize his defeat in the presidential election.

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