The Monterrey defender pointed out that Luis Enrique Santander does not get the players to respect him on the pitch

Defender Miguel Layún criticized the work of referee Luis Enrique Santander during the match between Monterrey and Atlético de San Luis, because he considers that he does not get the players to respect him on the field.

“Why the hell to put the line with his ‘spray’, if the players are not going to respect it and much less does he respect it. It is that not mam … !!!”, published the player of the Monterrey club.

Miguel Layún reacted that way in a play in which a foul was signaled on the edge of the San Luis area and when placing the barrier, the latter did not respect the distance in its consideration.

The host team missed that opportunity against the Atlético San Luis cabinTherefore, in the first half, the level was maintained without annotations in the match made at the BBVA stadium.

Miguel Layun could not participate in this match due to an injuryTherefore, during the match, he was present with his comments through his social networks.