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Miguel Ángel Pichetto jumped for Macri: “Larreta no …

The auditor general of the Nation and former candidate for vice president, Michelangelo Pichetto, Held that the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta “cannot be a candidatepresidential if former president Mauricio Macri does not support him.

“I think he cannot be a candidate if Macri does not support him, support is essential. Macri has what Cristina always had: 25 or 30 hard points from all the polls,” he stressed.

“Do you like it? Don’t you like it? It will have 60 negative, as the boys like to sell the image. I think that these surveys are worth nothing, but they have that hard core that supports them, accompanies them and identifies them with a set of ideas, too, “he added.

In an interview with the Cenital portal, the former senator acknowledged that “Larreta is an emerging and may be a good candidate“, but assured that He could not face Macri in an internship because the greatest weight in terms of leadership within Juntos por el Cambio continues to belong to the former president.

“You have to see what happens, how the events unfold. But the leader is identified with a nucleus of ideas, with a vision of Argentina, with the fact that they know you in any smaller town in Argentina. Your face is identified with a set of central ideas. That is leadership. After the candidacy is something else. You can be a candidate and not be a leader, “he said, differentiating Rodríguez Larreta from Macri.

Asked about the internal power dynamics in the Frente de Todos, he said that he is not surprised by the centrality of Vice President Cristina Kirchner because she is the one who brings together the “fiery support of social sectors that see her as a leader.”

“The Frente de Todos is a political coalition where the figure of the Vice President is, fundamentally, the one that gathers power with control of the two chambers and strong adhesion, I would almost say of enthusiastic support, of social sectors that see her as a leader The President has to govern with that reality, try to reconcile those interests, “he explained.

“I was not surprised by all this, it seems to me that this process was to be expected because the formula is constituted, as I said during the campaign, in an anomalous way. The most powerful figure, the one with the greatest adhesion, the one who had the votes was the figure of the vice president, “he completed.

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