Miguel Ángel “N”, an official in the Mancera Government, is linked to the process- Uno TV

His alleged responsibility in the deviation of 290 million pesos is pointed out to him. Photo: @PDI_FGJCDMX

Miguel Ángel “N”, former Undersecretary of Administration and Human Development of the capital government during the management of Miguel Angel Mancera, was process linked for its probable responsibility in the business simulation for to dodge, between 2015 and 2017, 290 million pesos of the local finance secretary al payment of payroll of a group that sought to become politic party.

At a press conference, Ulises Lara, spokesperson for the CDMX Attorney General’s Office, indicated that the former public official will remain incarcerated for the next four months in the North Men’s Preventive Prison, the deadline set for the closing of the complementary investigation.

Ulises Lara added that, along with Miguel Ángel “N”, Ed was also linked to the processIlberto “N”, former general director of administration.

“Possibly they would have acted jointly to the detriment of the public finances when carrying out procedures in 2017 to award only in this case a contract for the provision of services for the recovery of Income Tax, ISR, withheld from workers from 2015 to 2017”.

Ulises Lara.

Said resources, detailed, they were used for the payroll of a group that sought to become a political party.

In the complaint, the spokesperson for the Prosecutor’s office, it was pointed out that the offices did not carry out any work, since it was carried out by personnel from the Finance Secretary capital city and delivered to said consultants, who only added their logos for the corresponding deliverables.

The complaint indicates that part of the possibly diverted resources were used to pay the payroll of a new political group that I was looking for his record.

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