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Midi skirts with openings: this is how you should wear them to look more stylized

It is very common to hear that petite girls cannot wear certain kinds of skirts, jeans or blouses because they do not suit them, but this is totally false. There are always a couple of tricks or styles that you can look for in a garment so that if you measure less than 1.60 cm you use it with confidence and without believing that you look shorter than you are.

An example of this are the always elegant midi skirts, one of the models in trend of the last seasons and that we will wear during this spring-summer. And why is it believed that midi skirts do not suit petite girls? Because they end in an ‘awkward’ length at the calves, between the knees and the ankles, so there is a chance that the legs will look shorter and wider. And although this can happen, there is a detail that will make a difference in short girls who want to wear midi skirts without taking this risk and that is to bet on skirts that have openings, front or side, to change the balance point of the look and obtain a totally different visual effect.

If you wanted to wear the halftime look, a sweatshirt with a midi skirt, and you thought that your height was an impediment, we will show you below that it is time to say goodbye to that false belief and that slit midi skirts will be your new allies.

Front opening

With that vertical effect, midi skirts add points to make our figure look more elongated, but it is true that the same consequence, in a girl of short stature, can seem disproportionate. In this case, and in order not to give up these skirts, finding a model with an opening will be the solution. Why? Because having that open space, which reveals the legs, it will seem that there is much of them to see and that they are longer and more stylized. Accompany your skirt with blouses that you can tuck inside it or with crop tops, which leave a little bare skin in order to break the midi look and that your figure does not feel overwhelmed with a lot of fabric.

Side opening

The same happens if we talk about a side opening, only that the effect caused will be accentuated more in one leg than in the other, but the same result will be achieved. Attention should also be paid when choose the most suitable skirt for you, the height where the hem reaches, since certainly a midi skirt will not be the same length for women who are more than 25cm in height. If the skirt reaches the middle of your calf or a little above it, without reaching the knees, that will be the most suitable length for you so as not to lose the balance between garments.

Denim look

This version in denim is one of the most popular skirts right now. Another trend from the 90s that has returned and that can be found in a variety of versions to suit practically everyone’s tastes. Midi cut and with a central opening for those who like to show a little more leg and petite girls who do not want to subtract centimeters in height, an effect that you can duplicate by wearing shoes in a tone similar to your skin and / or with a fine toe. and with the instep exposed.

Wrap style

One of the ideal skirts for petite girls, as demonstrated by Eva Chen, are the wrap or crossed type that define your waist, but at the same time they also have the opening, in this case on the side, to make your legs see longer, even if you wear high boots. Wear this skirt with white or patterned shirts, with a sweater or a ruffled blouse.

Row of buttons

And, always important in any garment for short girls, make sure that the bottom garments you wear are high-waisted, like these skirts, since this way your waist will rise and it will improve your body proportion. If in doubt about whether the midi skirt will fit you or not, opt for one with buttons, as these will allow you to close or open the opening as much as you want. This way you will adapt it to your tastes, your height and the look you wear.

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