The IFE has become a very important aid for the most vulnerable families in the country during the pandemic, and to complement it, the Government announced the Middle Class Bond project.

This benefit, which was already delivered last year, is still as a bill in Congress, since the parliamentarians are still discussing some points, such as the need to expand the number of beneficiaries, among other details.

What is the amount of the benefit and who can apply for the Middle Class Bonus 2021?

According to the latest details of the project, which was discussed today in the Senate Finance Committee, these are the amounts and who will be able to receive the benefit:

The contribution will be $ 500 thousand per person, who receives income between $ 408 thousand and $ 1,500,000 and that have presented a drop in income of more than 20%. The same amount will be for people who earn between the minimum wage and $ 408 thousand.

If there are people with disabilities or older adults in the family group, the amount could increase.

Meanwhile, for people with incomes between $ 1,500,001 and $ 2 million, the contribution will be $ 500 thousand and will decrease according to the exact income of each person.

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