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Mhoni Vidente: weekend horoscopes

Mhoni Vidente tells you in her horoscopes what awaits you in these three days in terms of health, money and love, as well as your luckiest numbers.


The influence of the crescent moon in this fire sign is one of emotions and impulses; In other words, the feelings are on the surface and the Aries will tend to look for a stable partner and leave other loves. But pay attention, as there is also control over impulses, you will not know how to control your anger and outbursts in situations that you cannot explain and that hurts you a lot. The recommendation is to learn to calm down in all ways. Extra work weekend. You receive the invitation for a new work project. You celebrate with friends your partner this Saturday. Control your anxiety to eat, remember that you like to look good, so keep exercising. A new love is looking for you. You will have a stroke of luck this April 11 with the numbers 03, 21 and 77. Use more the strong green color to attract abundance.


For Taurus, the influence of the moon is very significant because it gives them security and stability, that is, elements to be successful at work and have the necessary strength to get ahead of any problem. The crescent moon gives those of this earth sign the certainty that they will always have a partner who supports them in everything they need to be happy. Weekend to fix stationery for your professional degree and school. They invite you to dinner. You receive extra money for the sale of a car. Do not look for that love that is not with you, it is better to meet people more like you and be calm. You will have a stroke of luck this April 11 with the numbers 02, 14 and 39. Use more the intense blue color to increase abundance.


The crescent moon makes this air sign very fickle and versatile; that is to say that in the variety is the taste. Geminis almost never settle for just one partner and always try to have two or more loves at the same time. But the point is that they almost always change their minds instantly and that makes them lose big work projects or have that formality of moving forward in the workplace, that is why they are recommended to mature and grow more spiritually so that they do not fall into these adverse situations. Weekend to be with many friends and enjoy these three days. Be careful what you eat these days because it can give you a stomach infection. You receive extra money by lottery with the numbers 02, 19 and 88. Use the intense red color more because it will help you grow more economically. Be careful with lies, it is better not to say anything to anyone.


For Cancer, the crescent moon is very strong because it dominates it almost completely, more emotionally; that is to say, it makes him always looking for a partner to form a home. On an economic level, it gives you the opportunity to grow more professionally and receive extra money for luck; so those of this sign will always be protected to achieve success. In these three days you will reinvent yourself in all ways. Make up your mind now to follow a diet and continue with the business you have pending. A new Scorpio or Pisces love is looking for you who will be very compatible with you. You settle a legal matter. This Sunday you will be lucky with the numbers 09, 33 and 21. Use more the light blue color to attract abundance in your life. A relative is looking for you to ask you out.


The crescent moon over this fire sign makes them be pretentious in almost everything they do, that is why they always seek recognition in everything and their ego is very high. The recommendation is to be more humble and not to presume what they do. Another thing that influences them is being very strong, that is, they almost give the best advice and encouragement to move forward with any problem and more if it is a family member, they will always count on your help. People who are under this fire sign are almost always protective. It will be a weekend with more work and logically more money will come, but try to save for the future. For Leos who are in a relationship, try not to fight and be a little more relaxed in your love life. A stroke of luck comes to you on April 11 with the numbers 05, 44 and 31. Use the color orange more to be luckier economically.


Virgos are affected more by the influence of the crescent moon on their nerves and their mentality betrays them a lot; In other words, it makes them think about situations that have not yet happened and feel bad in their state of mind. The recommendation is to think more than twice what they are going to say or do so as not to fall into matters of love breakups. Another aspect that influences Virgos is to be very creative and artistic in everything, that is why they always need to study new courses. Long overdue weekend and catch up. A friend looks for you to ask you for advice on a divorce, remember that your sign is the zodiac psychologist, so everyone approaches you. You finish a business that will make you profit. Be careful with the lies of your partner, try to tell you the truth and you tell it so that that relationship can last longer. You get extra money in the lottery this Sunday with the numbers 03, 29 and 71. Use the color white more to attract abundance.


Libras turn out to be charming and kind when they are under the influence of the crescent moon, but at the same time they have a lot of strength to release their truths to those around them, that is, they are excessively clear. The recommendation is not to fall for provocations and not talk too much, just listen and be silent that this will help them not to gossip. They will be very charismatic, they will always have friends and they will be in the best social events. However, they have trouble finding a partner because they always want him to resemble their mother, in the case of men, and their father, when it comes to women. Weekend with many work procedures. You receive money this April 11 with the numbers 02, 19 and 77. Use the color yellow more, as it attracts fortune.


This water sign is greatly affected by the crescent moon and more because it is its astral ruler, that is, it is always present in its decisions. These days the moon will dominate Scorpio more in matters of money and sexuality. A better paid job offer will arrive and money that you did not expect for a debt from the past. In games of chance you will be lucky with the numbers 01, 28 and 65; try to play them this Sunday. Use more purple color that attracts abundance. If you have a stable partner, you may find another relationship to satisfy your sexual desire. Weekend with an extra job that will give you a lot of satisfaction. You receive an invitation to go out from a love from the past. You buy clothes and change your look to be more fashionable. Try to exercise and start a diet, because how they see you they treat you.


Sagittarians are affected by the crescent moon, especially because they do not want to touch the ground, they only want to dream and dream. The recommendation is that they always be on their feet so as not to let their imagination go with projects that have not yet been carried out, that is, not to be filled with the envy of the people around them. The moon also makes them very travelers or have changes of residence so that they can grow more professionally. Weekend to fix government or loan stationery situations. An extra lottery money comes with the numbers 01, 33 and 52. Use more the color red so that you can attract more luck in your life. A new love is crossed this weekend to have days of passion. They give you a pet.


The crescent moon in this earth sign, which is the goat, makes them enterprising and successful in almost all the projects they carry out; that is to say that the money comes to them in their hands, but they must be careful with bad friendships and interested loves that will only seek them when they have an economic interest or to take away the luck that surrounds them. The moon also influences them in mental issues since they can easily fall into depression and that makes them use drugs or alcohol to raise, supposedly, self-esteem, that is why at that time the Capricorn must start an exercise routine and learn to be more spiritual so as not to fall into those kinds of temptations. You are looking for a love that will make you feel the best. Extra money arrives by lottery this April 11 with the numbers 02, 18 and 77. Use more the colors green and yellow to stimulate more good luck.


People who are under this sign are very avant-garde when they are influenced by the crescent moon, that is, they always seek to be in fashion and at the best events. This air sign, which is the sociable of the zodiac, is helped a lot by the moon to achieve its economic growth goals and also has new clothes, a car or is seen renewed in all its forms. But yes, the moon phase makes them be rebellious and unfaithful with a tendency to have problems with their partner, that is why they are recommended not to provoke those situations. Weekend to be very happy and good news around you. Be careful with the envy of your friends, remember that they will always want what you have, so try not to talk so much about how you are doing and what you will do. A stroke of luck comes on Sunday with the numbers 10, 15 and 21. Use the colors orange and white more, as they help to attract abundance.


Definitive, the crescent moon is good luck in everything for the last water sign; having it is synonymous with progress because it is your astral ruler. But yes, the moon makes Pisces have problems with their partner because of how sentimental they become; the recommendation is not to fight or seek jealousy where there is none. The presence of this moon phase motivates them to start an exercise routine and to be in high spirits to look their best. Avoid talking too much so you don’t get into gossip. Weekend to fix your room and your house and live in the best way. You receive extra money for a late payment of your salary. Be careful with parties, avoid drinking too much alcohol. You will have a stroke of luck this April 11 with the magic numbers that are 07, 66 and 3. Use more the strong blue and white colors to attract abundance.

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