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Mhoni Seer: horoscopes of the week

Mhoni Seer brings her best horoscopes predictions this week.


Week of feeling a bit overwhelmed by workload and pressures. Your sign always wants to do everything at the same time, but you need to relax and better organize your time. A relative will ask you to borrow money, if it is within your means, help him. Be careful with headaches or chest pains, try to go to your doctor. Stick with the diet and think about getting cosmetic surgery. They are looking for you to offer you a work project that will be very good economically. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 02 and 19. Try to wear some silver and dress in strong colors so that you have more spiritual strength. It is going to be a week of many personal achievements and to start building a wealth. It’s time to start putting the holidays behind a bit and focus on your future.


You are very charismatic and gentle with people, but that causes you to have a lot of envy around you, so you need to protect yourself by wearing a lot of perfume before leaving the house and wearing light-colored clothes so that your positive energy grows. You receive extra money for late payment issues or you get tax refunds. An ex-partner is looking for you to return or have a more formal relationship, remember that your sign is categorical and never thinks of returning, so try to speak clearly and end up as friends. You send to fix your car or you decide to sell it. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 03 and 14. Your sign has always been given sports, so I recommend that you take swimming or cycling classes to help you release stress, keep you in good condition and with a better health.


You enter your best time of the year, you finally feel that luck is on your side and there are going to be a few days of opportunities for economic growth. They offer you a better job position. Be careful with kidney problems or infection. Consider taking summer courses to be more prepared in languages ​​and computers. Continue with the exercise, you are already looking your best. The most important thing for your sign is to remain just as humble and not fill yourself with pride so that those around you see you in the best light. Don’t fight so much with your partner anymore, try to always find the best solution. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 04 and 39. Remember that your sign is the passionate of the zodiac and always seeks to have two loves at the same time to be happier, but try to stay with only one stable partner.


Week of some tensions in personal matters, so be careful with problems with your partner and try not to be so jealous in your love life, remember that we all need our space. You will have extra money for the sale of a family property. They give you a pet. You are preparing a meeting for a family member, just remember to be careful to avoid contagion. Continue with the diet, remember that your weak point is the intestine or stomach. You will have a stroke of luck to meet new loves and in the lottery with numbers 05 and 41. It is very important to put on a lot of perfume before leaving home and carry a green lemon in your bag to cut off bad energy. You need to apply yourself in terms of your work and not leave your important matters for later.


Workplace Success Week, so try to talk to your superiors about getting recognized and getting a raise. No longer be so spiteful with your friends or family, learn to forget and not give importance to matters that do not have it. For the Leo who are single, a love of the sign of Pisces or Aries will come. Try not to trust your coworkers too much, one of them wants to betray you, so do not talk about your personal matters. You speak with an attorney to settle a debt lawsuit issue. You buy clothes and you remove your look. Your lucky numbers are 01 and 33. Your best day will be April 8 and you will be very lucky in everything related to business projects. Dress in red to multiply your energy.


Week to put more positive energy into your ideas and projects for your future, so try to start that business that you have in your plans. They will be days of joy and many pleasant surprises. You completely cleanse your soul of grudges and leave the past behind. You finish making some payments and you catch up with your expenses. They invite you to a very important meeting where you will meet people who will help you in your professional development. You receive an extra money or a tax refund. It is time to update your passport and put your papers in order, you will need them soon. Take care of shoulder and back pain, try to release a little tension and continue with the exercise. This April 5, new contract signatures await you. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 07 and 21.


Good luck week to make positive changes in your life, remember that your sign is in a time of transformation of energies and that will help you grow more professionally. Try to get rid of bad friends who only love you out of financial interest. You must bring order and more character to your personal life. Do not fight with your partner anymore, remember that your sign always dramatizes all situations. Do not neglect diet and exercise, that will help you stay at your best. Your mom is looking for you to ask you a favor. You will have a stroke of luck with numbers 04 and 31. They will be days of great artistic creation, so try to take a painting or music course, that will help you a lot in the future. In love matters, she finally finds the ideal partner of the fire sign.


Week to put all your work and personal life situations in order. Envy makes you stumble in your day to day, that’s why I recommend that you carry a silver coin in your wallet so that you can remove all that evil eye. You receive money for issues of a debt from the past. Try not to fight in your work, the crossed energies will be very present. Put on light-colored clothes so that you fill yourself with positive energy and everything turns out to be the best. You carry out your thesis or school projects. They give you vacations or you finally decide to go out for a few days to relax. In love you will continue with great luck meeting very compatible people. You fix various things in your house. You go to the doctor for a checkup. They look for you to borrow. Your lucky numbers without 03 and 19.


Week of being a little upset by personal problems, so you need to focus on what is important, what you can control, and that peace will come to you to be better. Your sign is usually somewhat controlling, especially with their partners, try to learn to relax. Your best day will be April 7, because luck will smile in every way and more in work matters. They finally offer you a new contract that will leave you more satisfactory, but always remember to be discreet with your plans so that you do not fill up with negative energy. You will have a test to measure your performance at work or school, so study hard. You will have a stroke of luck in the lottery with the numbers 00 and 23. Your love compatibility will be with the sign of Capricorn, Aries or Leo.


It will be a few days full of good news related to work and new projects, just try not to talk about it until it is done so that you do not have envy around you. Remember that your sign is earth and that makes you always be in constant mental growth. Do not be overwhelmed by relationship problems anymore, try to reach an agreement to improve the relationship and if you cannot, it is better to take time. You will have a stroke of luck on April 8 in matters of gambling with numbers 27 and 91. You receive money that you did not expect due to a debt from the past. You make travel plans these days. Something negative about your sign is having a very strong and impulsive temperament, that makes you fail in business or work matters, so try to control it.


Week of many mixed feelings for a love from the past who returns to your life, remember to let things flow and for the same destiny to bring you together or separate you from that person. There will be a review of your work by your bosses, so keep everything in order. Take care of back or waist pain problems. Do not look for problems where there are none and less at work, try to calm down and let everything happen. You go on a trip for personal reasons or to visit relatives. You will have a stroke of luck on April 6 with numbers 14 and 25. Pay close attention to your parents who are going to be experiencing health problems. The cosmic energy next to your sign tells us that luck in matters of a couple will be very present in your life and that you will formalize a relationship.


Week of prosperity and give continuity to your life goals, remember that the best thing that your sign has is the strength to get ahead and finish any project you have in mind. Sometimes your sign is very impulsive and controlling with its partner, but you must begin to control all that temperament and learn that everyone has the right to their space. You will have a stroke of luck on April 7 with the numbers 20 and 61. Use the color blue a lot and soon you will get some money. You finish doing some shopping for your house. I recommend you start courses on artistic matters such as music, you will see that you have a talent for that. The negative thing about the Pisces sign is that they do not want to take responsibility for their personal life or are afraid of commitments, so you need to face those challenges.

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