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Mhoni Seer: horoscopes of the week

Your angel sends you a message for this week and the phrase that will define your strengths, know it in the horoscopes of Mhoni Seer.


This week you must repeat the phrase “I am”, because it is the message of your angel that will help you obtain what you want so much. Your sign goes through energies of total renewal. You are a natural leader and all signs need you, that is why it is very important that you be open to helping people. Be careful with the envy of your coworkers, because you will be shining too much and an important promotion is coming, try to keep a low profile and not comment on anything you have in plans. A love of the sign of Capricorn or Virgo will enter your life so that you feel full. Your stroke of luck will be April 27 with numbers 04 and 32. You buy a plane ticket to go on a trip these days. You make outstanding payments on debts. Do not neglect your health, try to go to the doctor for a check-up.


The message of your angel is “Strength and power”, keywords for this week with which you can reinvent yourself and get the best out of yourself. You will have the strength to face the problems that you have every day and above all the power of decision to continue on the path towards your goals and success. So don’t back down or doubt yourself, you should always move on. This week I recommend you review your health, since you have to be 100% so that everything else in your life is fine. Try to sleep better and not wake up with your cell phone. They invite you to a business where you are going to do very well, if you accept it, the money will come to hand. Do not pay attention to gossip or what they will say about you, take risks without fear of the opinion of others.Your stroke of luck will be on April 29 with numbers 02 and 19.


“Abundance” is your keyword this week, it means that luck is on your side and that you should take advantage of this streak to make the necessary changes in your life to shine more. The sign of Gemini always seeks to live well and achieve recognition from others, so you should not trust yourself or be distracted until you achieve your goals. High stress days from situations you can’t control, so just do your best, but don’t push yourself too hard. A situation of betrayal is coming in your love life, so give yourself some time alone to better think about your future. Singles get a love of the fire element that is going to be very compatible. Your stroke of luck will be on April 27 with numbers 04 and 31. They invite you on a trip, take the opportunity to relax and renew energy.


“Transformation” is the message of your angel and the word that will dominate your sign this week. Acknowledge and accept your mistakes so that you can get back on the road to success. Forget about fears and stop constantly sabotaging yourself. Say goodbye to depressions, mainly by transforming everything around you and looking for more compatible and positive people. Week of strong changes in your work, but you will not be directly affected. Leave the excuses and lies with your partner, sometimes it is better to end a relationship if they are not comfortable. You go on a trip for work. Try to be very focused on everything you are going to do. You get extra money for utilities or savings fund, do not hesitate to invest it for your personal taste. Your stroke of luck will be on April 28 with numbers 03 and 29.


“Patience” is the word that will define your week. Your sign is something desperate and wants everything to be solved at the moment, so you must have patience for abundance to arrive. Leos like to feel admired by other signs, but you should not also learn to be humble and remember that you can learn from everyone. Week of ups and downs in terms of work and personal life, but do not give it so much importance and keep a low profile so as not to fill yourself with envy. They pay you a debt from the past. A new love invites you out. Those who have a partner will go through very difficult issues and a possible separation, but you must think that all change is for the better. You will have a stroke of luck on April 29 with numbers 05 and 43. Talk to your boss to negotiate a better salary or a promotion.


Your key phrase this week will be “I analyze” that will help you make radical changes such as ending a relationship or a job change, which will serve to grow more and continue your path to success. However, you have to analyze each decision very well and even ask your loved ones for advice, that will help you to have clarity and good results. Remember that the sign of Virgo always seeks emotional and economic stability to be full, so do not hesitate to invest your savings to start your own business that will fill you with abundance. This week will be one of great work challenges that will make you get the best out of yourself. Beware of the betrayals of friends, remember that you cannot trust too much. Your stroke of luck will be on April 28 with numbers 01 and 28.


Your angel’s message is ‘Make decisions’. Your sign is characterized by the way you start conversations and be very charismatic with those around you, but you are also adventurous in spirit; In other words, when you find love, you are afraid to commit yourself. Your big health problem is the kidneys and the nervous system, that’s why you should meditate and exercise to calm yourself. The philosophy of ‘making decisions’ indicates that it is time for you to mature and leave behind the indecisions of not knowing what to do with your future. You will have a very good week in terms of contract closings or positive job changes. Stick with your diet. They invite you to a conference to find out more about your university career. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 01 and 28. Remember that in this life you came to be happy.


Your angel tells you: ‘Face your problems’, this implies that you will go through a difficult time in your personal life and you must have the character to face what is coming to you so that you do not fall into depression or anguish. Your sign is intense, but sometimes sentimental wins over you and you fall into problems with vices such as drugs, alcohol or financial debt. You also characterize yourself for being homey; In other words, you prefer to be in the company of your family than with a partner. You are the cleanest and tidiest in the Zodiac, that’s why you always like to live well. Your sign also stands out for being a good lover but a bad provider, it almost always dominates you to see for yourself first. Your stroke of luck will be on April 28 with numbers 16 and 25. Turn your life into the temple that your spirit needs to live in peace.


The key for you this week will be ‘Intuition and wisdom’, since success will surround you and your intuition will take you to high levels of prosperity because your interior will tell you what you need to be happy and have abundance. Wisdom will allow you to understand why you come to this earthly plane and you will be able to help others. This week you will go to work meetings and changes of projects that are beneficial for your sign. You start a diet and exercise, but try to be consistent so that you see the results as you want. In love, you get to suffer with people who are not for you and you cling to forbidden relationships, but you manage to have great friends. A stroke of luck comes to you on April 29 with the numbers 19 and 31. Take off that ego that you have, look for your humility, that will be basic for you to achieve full happiness.


For you the key is ‘Always overcome yourself and leave the negative behind’. Your sign will get a streak of mental maturity this week and it will grow in all aspects of life, but more emotionally. You will be presented with the opportunity for a better job or a positive change in your personal life and you will learn who your friends are. Your sign is strong mentally, that is why you always stand out as a great social leader, but you have the defect of pride; That is to say, you almost never let anyone advise you and you try to impose your ideals on others, except for your love partners and that is why you hardly believe in divorce. You must take care of depressions and problems of the nervous system before the ups and downs in your life. A stroke of luck comes to you on April 29 with numbers 27 and 30, just try to take care of your money.


Your angel tells you: ‘Value what you have in your life.’ Be careful not to get carried away by friends and loves who only want an economic interest in your life, you will have days of emotional maturity and you will know what you want in your life to face everything and everyone in order to defend your happiness; remember that you will not always be happy with others; let them talk. This week you will make important decisions to grow in the workplace, your sign will go through a period of prosperity, so I recommend you not to go back at any time. Singles will meet a very compatible love. You find out that a family member is sick and you will give them all the support. Avoid skin infection problems, your sign loves the sun but be careful. Your stroke of luck will be April 29 with numbers 14 and 15.


Your angel tells you ‘Prosperity is coming, but put insecurities aside’, this will be basic these days for your sign, since economic growth begins in your life and you should avoid sabotaging yourself with your negative thoughts, so this week Hear that call to prosperity and leave insecurities behind. This week there will be changes in your work, you will experience a transformation for your sign, so you must be cautious about what you comment on your colleagues at work; I mean, put gossip aside. They invite you to a business where you will do well thanks to your skill as a salesperson. Go back to the gym and continue your diet. You make tuition payments and start a master’s degree in your career. You get a gift. Your stroke of luck will be on April 28 with numbers 08 and 61.

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