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Mexico: What has the country done wrong to reach a tragedy in terms of covid-19? | Univision Latin America News

A few days before the end of March, the government of Mexico accepted that in the country there could be more than 300,000 deaths from covid-19, more than 120,000 of those that had been officially reported.

The figure, released in the report entitled “Excess mortality in Mexico”, showed that until the sixth week of 2021, last February 13, the country had accumulated 294,287 deaths associated with coronavirus, a number that exceeds the 173,711 deceased by 120,576 (61.4%) officially reported by the Mexican Ministry of Health in its technical report that same day.

Since then, Until 4 of April, the agency has reported a accumulated 2,582 dead in your daily reports, which would total at least 324,407 deaths the cause of covid-19.

With this data, Mexico would be very close to being the second country in the world with the highest number of deaths than is Brazil, which, according to the Johns Hopkins University count, accumulates 331,433.

One year into the pandemic and hundreds of thousands of victims, the key question is What has the government — and society in Mexico — done wrong to reach that catastrophic figure?

These are some of the factors that have affected the country:

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