Mexico, Apr 2 (EFE) .- Mexico reported 190 new deaths from covid-19 in the last 24 hours to accumulate a total of 203,854 deaths from the disease, the Ministry of Health reported this Friday.

In addition, the health authorities reported 5,381 new infections in their daily technical report on the incidence of the coronavirus, which adds 2,247,357 confirmed cases.

However, the official death toll may be much higher, since on March 28 the federal government itself reported in its most up-to-date report on the “excess mortality” that the country had registered 294,287 deaths associated with the covid until March 13. February, after studying death certificates.

Based on these data and those reported daily, the country would easily exceed 300,000 deaths from coronavirus, a figure that would place it at the same level as Brazil, second behind the United States, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

In addition, Mexico ranks fourteenth in the world in the number of infections.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 6.12 million patients have been studied in Mexico, according to the official government portal, which this weekend will not offer daily conferences to give the daily report of the covid-19.

The estimated number of cases is 2,440,851 when considering those awaiting the test result. Among them, there are 29,163 active cases, that is, 1% of all patients have presented symptoms in the last two weeks.

In addition, the technical report indicated that there are 1,781,629 people in the country who consider themselves recovered after having suffered the disease.

Regarding deaths, Mexico City, the focus of the pandemic, accumulates 19.4% of all deaths nationwide, that is, almost one in every five deaths.


In a statement, the Ministry of Health explained that to this day 8,334,250 million doses of the vaccine against covid-19 have been administered to the Mexican population, 832,455 in the last 48 hours.

In addition, almost a million people have received the two doses necessary to complete the vaccination schedule.

The vaccination program currently includes adults over 60 years of age, medical personnel and educational personnel.

On Thursday, Mexico received 1,208,700 doses of covid-19 vaccines produced by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

It was the second delivery of vaccines that is part of the agreement between the presidents of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and the United States, Joseph Biden, through which a total of 2,719,300 doses arrived in the country in five days.

With that figure, Mexico has received 13,735,450 doses of vaccines from different pharmaceutical companies, and has also packed 940,470 doses of the CanSino Biologics vaccine in the country, for a total of 14,675,920 doses.

With 126 million inhabitants, Mexico has committed 34.4 million doses of the American vaccine Pfizer, 79.4 million of the British AstraZeneca, 35 million of the Chinese CanSino, 24 million of the Russian Sputnik V, 20 million of the Chinese Sinovac, 12 million from the also Chinese Sinopharm and 51.4 million from the WHO Covax platform.

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