Mexico exceeds 122 thousand deaths due to covid-19


The Ministry of Health reports this December 26 that the number of deaths from coronavirus in Mexico reaches 122 thousand 26, while confirmed cases reach 1 million 377 thousand 217.

Through a statement it is detailed that the total suspected cases amount to 402 thousand 79; while the negatives reach 1 million 732 thousand 238.

In addition, 3 million 511 thousand 534 people were studied when presenting symptoms of covid.

Mexico City registers most of the accumulated cases in the country and alone represents 23 percent of all registered cases by residence entity.

At today’s information cutoff, there are 61,881 active cases registered (December 13 to 26).

The capital of the country, the State of Mexico, Guanajuato and Nuevo León are the entities with the highest number of active cases, followed by Jalisco, Tabasco, Coahuila, Querétaro, Puebla and Hidalgo.

At the international level, the total number of confirmed cases reaches 78 million 604 thousand 532.


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