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Mexico confirms, for the first time, more than 13,000 cases in a single day

This number of cases reported in a single day is only surpassed by the 28,115 that were released on October 5 when the registry was changed due to the addition of PCR tests, confirmations of infections by association and ruling. And in the midst of the rebound in the pandemic, another means of confirmation was added, which are antigen tests, with which the Government of Mexico City has devoted itself to conducting massive tests.

The report indicates that 1,165 deaths from the SARS-CoV-2 virus were confirmed in the last 24 hours, the highest number since last November 28 when 1,217 deaths were reported. With the latest recorded, the country reached 129,987 deaths of people who fell ill with COVID-19.

Worldwide, Mexico is the thirteenth place in accumulated infections and the fourth with the most deaths, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University.

The report details that 21,605 people are hospitalized, 16,920 hospitalized in a general bed and 4,685 in those destined for serious patients. Also for the first time, 21,000 people were exceeded in hospitals.



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