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Mexican Luis Urías made a Superman catch on Opening Day

Like superman: that’s how he caught the Mexican Luis Urías the first ball of the 2021 season. Quickly, in the first turn of the game between Milwaukee Brewers and Minnesota Twins, a ball shot out of the bat of Venezuelan Luis Arráez, a ball that 99% of the time ends up being a hit. But the Sinaloa native aimed to start the year on the right foot and he launched himself with outstretched arms, making a catch within reach of a few.

The defense has led Luis Urías to take over at shortstop in Milwaukee. In such a demanding position, having defensive insurance is a plus for absolutely all teams. The damage it can reduce is unimaginable. This Thursday he gave us proof of it.

To the stake, Urías was not so spectacular. He went 2-0. “Wicho” had 26 hits in 109 at-bats last year, for a .239 average. He drove in 11 runs and stole two bases. However, with jewels on the defensive in the style of the one made on Opening Day, constancy in his career is guaranteed.

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