Pitchers Víctor González and Sergio Romo they made their first official pitches in this new season of MLB 2021. Both pitchers were solid on the mound and kept zero with their respective teams.

Sergio Romo kept Houston out of the game

The 38-year-old pitcher entered in the eighth inning. His team, the Oakland Athletics, were trailing 6-4 to the Houston Astros. Romo entered with two men on base. The Mexican He managed to dominate his batters and take the inning without allowing runs.


Nonetheless, Houston managed to score three runs in the ninth, ending Oakland’s second loss of the season.

Víctor González placed the point and end

On the other hand, the Los Angeles Dodgers achieved their first victory of the season with Mexican participation. Víctor González was required to close the ninth inning. Despite the Dodgers holding a comfortable 11-6 lead over Colorado, Victor held firm and retired his three players from the inning, even one by way of punch.


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