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Metropolitan Area, 271 beds from the hospital ceiling; They estimate it for January 11

The Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Mexico There are 271 hospitalized to meet the average scenario of 8,907 occupied beds, according to the current projections of the epidemiological model of the capital government.

Until January 2, 8 thousand 636 internees were registered, that is, an occupation of 79%; However, to continue with the trend of 100 hospitalized a dayOn January 6, there will be 8,907 beds with patients.

The availability until Saturday was 1,647 beds, of which 411 are for intensive therapy in all health institutions. The Marine Secretary It is the only one that no longer has places in its hospitals.

The Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP) He announced that if the infections did not stop and the trend of daily hospitalizations persisted, 9,512 hospitalized will be registered the following January 11, which would be the highest scenario of hospitalized in the capital.

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On December 28, the head of the local government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, specified that between the Mexico state and the capital of the country, in all public health institutions, there will be 10,457 beds at the beginning of this month: “This does not mean that we should feel that everything is going well, but rather that thanks to this decrease in mobility it hopes to reach a maximum limit, as was the same in the case of May and as it happens in other cities in the world ”, he warned.

Health personnel

According to the Open Data Portal, up to the cutoff of December 25, 154 doctors from all health institutions in Mexico City have died from the coronavirus.

Of the total, 52 were between 61 and 70 years of age; 39 were between 51 and 60 years old, and the rest between 30 and 50 years old.

In addition, 136 people who worked in hospitals in the capital, mainly cleaning, have died, as well as 52 nurses and 12 laboratory workers.

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Separately, the head of Government of Mexico City reported that to date 28 thousand 30 health workers from all institutions have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

In social networks, the capital president mentioned that the federal Ministry of Health (Ssa), in conjunction with the capital dependency, informed her that the vaccination program of the personnel that is part of the first line against Covid-19 is progressing positively.

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