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Meteorologist on the flood – “Climate research has been warning of this for a long time”

Heavy rain flooded parts of western Germany. Complete towns are under water, more than 30 people dead. The damage will amount to billions. Streets, houses, cars – everything is broken. How much can nobody estimate yet.

“The extent is far from foreseeable,” said Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (72, CSU) to BILD.

He promises help wherever possible: “More than 2000 THW workers and the federal police are on duty and I offer the federal states all kinds of support. Now is the hour of the emergency services and solidarity. You are currently growing beyond yourself and I thank you for it. “

And he also says: “These extreme weather conditions are the consequences of climate change. We have to prepare much better for this, including when it comes to flood protection. “

“Climate research has been warning of this for a long time,” says meteorologist and climate researcher Peter Hoffmann from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research to BILD. “The experience of the last extreme years has made it very clear that we are in the midst of climate change. Extreme weather events can cause great damage not only elsewhere, but also here. “

Heat waves or heavy rain – will there be something in between?

“Our usual weather is changing,” Hoffmann continues. “In summer there are more heat waves, followed by heavy local rain. A development that will also have an impact on our everyday lives. “

How did this current weather situation come about?

“Slowly moving lows over Central Europe are usually associated with large amounts of rain in Germany, as air masses from the south and north mix,” explains Hoffmann. “The longer such a weather situation lasts, the more rain can fall in the same place. Due to climate change, weather conditions are slowing down and can grow from the longed-for rain into floods. “

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