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Messi will equal Sergio Ramos as the players with the most Classics in history

BARCELONA – Lionel Messi will equal Sergio Ramos as absolute King of the Spanish Classic this Saturday with 45 games. The absence of the Madrid central defender due to injury will take away the individual honor of being the player with the most appearances in the match of the greatest rivalry that already has the Argentine as the top scorer with 26 goals.

Real Madrid and Barcelona will play the Classic 246 in their history, from the first one that was played in 1902 (when the merengue club had not yet been considered Real) at the La Castellana Racecourse on the occasion of the Coronation Cup and until the that will debut condition at the Alfredo Di Stéfano Stadium. Hundreds of footballers, several of them playing for both clubs, have taken part in this historic confrontation and this would be the historic XI of the two teams in terms of the presence of their players.

There is a curious circumstance that in the Real Madrid typical line-up, only one player, the legendary Paco Gento, who between 1954 and 1969 played 42 Classics, won more games than he lost, equaling Fernando Hierro with victories and defeats and losing the others more. matches of those who won.

In Barcelona, ​​on the other hand, only Juanito Segarra lost more games than he won, equaling Guillermo Amor and César Rodríguez in both statistics, and emerging victorious more times than the rest.

The fact that nowadays more games are played, with Champions, or Super Cups that were not played previously, causes that up to eight Barcelona players are protagonists in the 21st century, one, Guillermo Amor, in the 90s of the past century and the remaining two, Segarra and César, in the 1950s.

In Real Madrid, however, only Casillas and Sergio Ramos are from this century, adding Raúl and Fernando Hierro as the closest previous ones and highlighting the 70s and 80s of the last century with Santillana, Camacho, Sanchís, Pirri or Zoco , who, like Gento, already played in the 60s. With 35 games, Carlos Santillana and Karim Benzema are tied, who if he plays this Saturday will surpass him.

In terms of titles, the advantage is also Barça. Among his eleven protagonists they add 261 trophies, with the 34 of Leo Messi in front. The presence of eight players who shared a dressing room at the best time in the club’s history (all except Segarra, 17 titles, César, 13, and Amor, 17) causes this circumstance.

The eleven players of the ideal Real Madrid line-up in the Classics add up to a total of 192 championships, with the 22 of Sergio Ramos and Manolo Sanchís at the fore.

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