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Messi says goodbye to the season at home with the threat of a final goodbye from Camp Nou

BARCELONA – Lionel Messi will play his last game of the season this Sunday at the Camp Nou … Or of his sports career with Barça. A month and a half after finishing his contract and without having yet decided on his future, a source close to the player assured ESPN, the Argentine will lead a Barcelona pending a true miracle to continue aspiring to the league title, which will escape definitively if at the same time that they face Celta de Vigo, Atlético de Madrid prevails in the Metropolitan Wanda against Osasuna.

After the collapse, both unexpected and disappointing, of the Barça team in recent days, having added only five of the last twelve points in dispute, conquering what would be their 11th league title is little less than impossible to add to an amazing collection since in 2005 it conquered the first of the ten that it has in its record, to which are added 4 Champions Leagues, 3 Club World Cups, 7 King’s Cups, 3 European Super Cups and 8 Spanish Super Cups for a total of 35 trophies that place him among the most awarded of all time.

And nobody knows if those 35 championships celebrated in Barcelona will go down in history as what he won, breaking all possible records in a team in which he debuted a distant month of October 2004 against Espanyol.

Barça lives as alert to a utopia on the pitch as it is attentive to knowing the decision of its captain, who after 775 games wearing the Barça elastic maintains its continuity on the forward … And without a short-term resolution being suspected. Messi learned three weeks ago, from the mouth of Joan Laporta himself at a lunch they shared, that the intention of the club is to renew his contract and Messi, without yet knowing the proposal that Barcelona will transfer to him, assured the president that whatever it is in the end His decision, once he has the specific offer in his possession, will neither star in a soap opera nor cause any problems.

If the proposal of the club, both economically and, above all, in the sporting aspect convinces the Argentine, the agreement will be quick; If, on the contrary, the crack understands that the best solution is to say goodbye to a life in Barça, he will do so without fuss of any kind, without reproaches and with all the gratitude for what Barcelona meant in his life.


Barcelona is still awaiting four different and independent audits that clarify exactly the club’s economic situation and, at the same time, negotiate a loan that helps not to lose control among the big clubs in Europe when it comes to going to the market. It is understood in the Camp Nou offices that there are still a few weeks to catch up in all aspects and that is why the feeling grows that Messi will go to the Copa América dispute with the Argentina team without having yet decided its future and that it may not be until its conclusion, already in July, that it is resolved.

Leo attends Barcelona but it is obviously not the only card he has in his possession. The Barça club, as published by ESPN, is in a position to offer him a three-season contract knowing that in France Paris Saint-Germain can ostensibly improve the conditions that Laporta puts on the table.

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