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Messi, don’t go, where are you going to be better than in Barcelona?

Dani, don’t go, where will you be better than here?”…

It was the 2015-16 season, and Dani Alves, one of the best partners Lionel Messi has had in his career, was preparing suitcases to leave FC Barcelona.

The Brazilian had found out that the club did not intend renew and they wanted it throw, for this reason he anticipated the play and had the luxury of choosing in which set of elite he would continue his career.

Before his departure, during a trainingMessi asked him to reconsider under the argument that, wherever he went, he was not going to be better than at Barça.

All this was told years later by Dani Alves in an interview, and acknowledged having regretted not attending the advice of the partner with whom he raised 23 titles and to the one who gave 43 assists, because although he continued demonstrating his quality and winning trophies in Italy with Juventus, and in France With PSG, nothing was the same since he stopped defending the Barça shirt.

Five years after this anecdote, Messi has the most important decision of his career at the end of this campaign: it will O stays in Barcelona, ​​there is no turning of the page.

According to the newspaper Sport In a news item released last week, Manchester City, one of the main interested in signing Leo, already gave up, as it will give priority to hiring a forward center due to the departure of Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero.

In case this journalistic version is trueThe only alternative for the Argentine if he decides to leave the team of his loves, is Paris Saint-Germain.

And this is where the big question: Is it really worth leaving Barcelona to play in a minor league like Ligue 1, on the grounds that PSG is designed to fight the Champions League year with year?

Right, the city fall in love by itself and the simple idea that it is reunited with Neymar of course that seduce; however, is that more than Barcelona?

Only Leo and his family will have the answer in a matter of weeks.

On the other hand, at home, Barça, Joan Laporta will do the impossible for convincing him to stay, and with the understanding that the issue does not pass only through the money, the club will try to present you a project ambitious that will seek to resume the leadershipAlthough this, it must be said, will not happen overnight.

In the remainder of the season, the Copa del Rey looks like an objective within reach, and today more than ever Barça is alive in the League and with arguments to win it, although the still leader Atlético de Madrid and Real, have the same target.

Thus, what a few months ago unleashed a scandal large with the famous burofax, which assumed that Messi’s decision had been made and would leave as soon as he was released next summer, has taken a turn.

Today Leo’s alternatives seem to be only two: renew his contract with Barça or go free to PSG.

Paraphrasing Messi himself: Leo, don’t go, where are you going to be better than in Barcelona?”…

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