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Mercedes Me and Mercedes EQ Ready: technological bridges to comfort and the electric future

It’s not all about power, agility, and luxury in the auto industry. Lately the role of the technology and its integration into the car or our own smartphone has become very important. The leading brands in the industry in this type of development always have something new to tell and now it is Mercedes-Benz who shows us how it works Mercedes me Y Mercedes EQ Ready. Two extremely useful apps for everyday use and to encourage you to take the next step into the electric world.

Mercedes me

My car, my rules, my settings. Or well it can also be those of others six people with simple settings from an app. Mercedes Me allows owners of Mercedes-Benz cars compatible with this service, to always keep in touch with their car, whether to check its condition, if it is properly closed or its location in real time, even monitoring what the valet does with him, or defining a geographical fence to ensure that the driver does not try to go further than where he should.

The Mercedes Me app is compatible with iOS and AndroidTo activate it, car owners can simply synchronize the car and the telephone from the car’s infotainment system, entering the VIN of the car or through the Mercedes-Benz master system at the dealers. Once paired, the owner will be able to manipulate dozens of functions from his smartphone such as:

  • Crystals
  • Insurance
  • To start the car
  • Activate horn
  • Activate lights
  • Fuel levels, brake life, tire pressure
  • Make an emergency call
  • Update car software
  • Schedule a service, even alerts the distributor to get parts before service and reduce customer waiting time.
  • Real-time location
  • Activate a geofence to alert us when the car leaves the limits we set
  • Maximum speed alert
  • Check battery status if the car is PHEV or electric
  • Program charging routines if you have a home charger
  • See an estimate of electric autonomy according to the destination and driving style
  • Preload navigation routes
  • Car drag notification
  • Notification of hit to car while parked

All new Mercedes cars can get this system during the First 3 years property, after that there are certain services that can be paid again to activate for as long as we want. It should be noted that functions such as geofence or speed limiter they do not restrict the car from its functionsFor safety reasons, it will be able to continue moving, but every time it leaves the agreed area or a programmed limit is exceeded, it will send an alert to the owner’s app.

These alerts are designed for when you lend the car to a relative or acquaintance and with it you can monitor what they do with the car. Although the car is ours, we can delegate certain accesses to the app with other profiles for the other people who will use it, that is, the same car can be compatible with six other profiles, but only the main one will be the master profile with certain exclusive functions.

Mercedes-Benz is working to be able to offer more functions in Mexico, such as allowing the addition of a store With which you can buy even more services for the car without having to go to the dealer. The possibility of turning a cell phone into a smart key to unlock and start the car, among many others.

Mercedes EQ Ready

The second app, Mercedes EQ Ready aims to bring us closer in an easier and more interactive way with the world of electric cars, in this case without having to be clients of the brand. We can find the app with compatibility for iOS and Android in the respective digital stores of our devices.

With it we can choose a Mercedes-Benz model of our interest, either plug-in hybrid or fully electric. Then we can choose the car we drive and activate a 7 day challenge, in which the app through the GPS and accelerometer of our cell phone will determine our driving style so that once the week is over, he gives us an estimate of how much gasoline we would have saved, how many times it would have been necessary to charge the car and even how many emissions we would have avoided when driving the Mercedes we chose.

The news Mercedes Me and Mercedes EQ Ready: technological bridges to comfort and the electric future was originally published in MotorpasiĆ³n Mexico by Mau JuĆ”rez.

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