Mendoza. They rescued from a trafficking ring a young woman who had disappeared in 2011

The image of Celeste Orozco Maturano that appears in the Missing Children database; the young woman had disappeared in 2011, when she was 14 years old Crédito: Missing Children

MENDOZA.- The residents of the department of La Paz, on the border with San Luis, do not leave astonishment after the discovery in Buenos Aires of a girl who disappeared in that town almost 10 years ago. For the case, her parents were detained, who would have delivered the minor, when she was 14 years old, to a trafficking and prostitution ring, according to the judicial investigation.

Is about Celeste Aldana Orozco Maturano, who had been seen for the last time on July 8, 2011, so a national and international campaign was mounted to find her. Moreover, in the initial investigation it was revealed at that time that the girl could have traveled to the province of San Luis with a boy with whom she had started dating. However, with the passage of time, this hypothesis lost force and there was never a trace of Celeste.

For this reason, now, the case took a 180 degree turn, after the young woman was found in Buenos Aires, where she was forced to practice prostitution. According to judicial information, Celeste, 24, would have two children.

In recent days, staff from the National GendarmerieBy order of the federal Justice, they raided the home of the couple, located in the commune of La Paz, more than 150 kilometers from the capital of Mendoza, which generated a stir throughout the region. In this way, the mother of the young woman, Mónica Maturano, who was housed in the Borbollón women’s prison, while her partner and the girl’s stepfather, Alberto Orozco, was taken to the Boulogne Sur Mer penitentiary.

Celeste Aldana received the surname Orozco, since the man, an employee of the provincial highway, took charge of the minor by forming a couple with Maturano, a worker in a home for the elderly.

“The truth is that it is incredible that this happens and that nobody has taken charge at the time and worse, that they did not arbitrate the necessary means to search for it. La Paz is shocked by the fact,” they expressed to THE NATION in the Municipality of La Paz, commanded by Fernando Ubieta. In the middle of the official secrecy, it was learned that the young woman is under psychological treatment.

“We are very happy to know that Aldana is alive, but at the same time sad to think that her parents may have something to do with the incident,” said a relative of the detainees to the local media Tiempo del Este.

Celeste’s case is being investigated by a Federal court, focused on an alleged network of trafficking in underage girls who were handed over to practice prostitution.

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