Mendoza: the true story of the young woman who …

During the weekend, the story of a young woman from Mendoza that she had been rescued from a trafficking ring, after ten years of disappearance, shocked public opinion.

However, in the last few hours, it was revealed that the woman was not released from a criminal organization Rather, it was located in the City of Buenos Aires, where she settled in 2011 after fleeing her home in La Paz, because her parents had forced her to move in as a teenager.

Federal prosecutor Fernando Alcaraz reported, through a statement, that the woman was not rescued from the hands of a trafficking organization, but that in the middle of last year she appeared at a public office to regularize the situation of her two children, and that At that time it was discovered that his name – which remains in reserve at the request of Justice – appeared in the records of wanted persons.

“In May 2020 the victim contacted the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation to request recognition of the rights of her children, children of your partner. From that communication, the search systems were activated ”, explained Alcaraz.

Following the intervention of the Prosecutor for Trafficking and Exploitation of Persons (PROTEX), the arrest of three people was charged and ordered for the alleged offense of the crime of human trafficking, including the mother, stepfather and another suspect for the sexual exploitation of the adolescent when the victim was 14 years old.

The true story

July 8, 2011, at age 14 and after having been sexually abused and exploited, the victim fled his home, located in the Mendoza department of La Paz. He first traveled to the province of San Luis and then went to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

At that time, the disappearance of the young woman generated great commotion among the neighbors, who mobilized on several occasions to demand her appearance: at first, it was said that the adolescent had escaped together with her boyfriend to San Luis, a few kilometers away. of your habitual residence.

However, despite the investigations, nothing was ever heard from the young woman, until the case took an unexpected turn that involves her own relatives in a prostitution case.

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