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Men with high testosterone levels are more likely to develop skin cancer

A recent study finds strong data suggesting that men with high testosterone levels are more likely to develop skin cancer. The research was conducted by the Cancer Research UK. And they detail, according to the Daily Mail, that it was one of the largest projects that observed malignant melanoma.

FayerwayerMarch 29, 2021

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Reviews the same portal that due to the large amount of data that the research observed, they won a publication in the International Journal of Cancer. They also indicate that previously found links between testosterone and other types of cancer are confirmed. Specifically, it was already known about the relationship of this hormone and prostate cancer in men and breast and endometrial cancer in women in the ages before menopause.

Similarly, it is surprising that high levels of testosterone have a direct impact on the development of malignant melanoma, known as skin cancer. However, although there is conclusive data, there is still a lack of more in-depth studies that are able to point out the reasons why this happens. In the same way, the study is very functional, since it is possible to identify the hormonal levels of men and execute a preventive treatment in time.

The huge study that looked at skin cancer

The British portal reports that the study looked at data from the UK Biobank. So, they recorded the hormonal behavior of 182,600 men and approximately 122,100 women; It is because of these data that they ensure that it is the largest study of its kind. In British territory, malignant melanoma is the fifth most common cancer, with approximately 16,200 diagnoses per year. And in addition, in the last 10 years the figure has increased by 47 percent.

“The next step will be to see if this link is seen in other studies, and if it is, to take a closer look at why testosterone might be linked to the risk of developing melanoma in men,” said Dr. Eleanor Watts, author. principal of the study. ‚ÄúThis is the first time that a link between testosterone and skin cancer has been observed. We already knew that men diagnosed with melanoma have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer and vice versa, which was an indication that there may be a common biological or behavioral cause, “he added.

The scientists are satisfied with the results obtained. They say that the level of detection will be much faster now, although they will continue to promote studies that show more details of this disease.

Other studies with testosterone

Other studies that are reviewed in the same publication of the Daily Mirror, highlight the high levels of testosterone, with the behavior of men. Specifically, the study details that the volume of this hormone is related to men being less generous. Also to the fact that people of the masculine gender frequently have selfish behaviors. The study referring to this statement found similarity in men and animals.

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