Memo Aponte reacts to his expulsion from Ibero for alleged aggression

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Memo Aponte reacted to the accusations he received on social networks, where a group of Internet users assured that the voice actor was expelled from the Ibeoamerican UniversityThis after the educational institution shared a statement to announce the expulsion of a student for gender assault.

Through his Instagram stories, he youtuber shared a series of videos in which he talks about the controversy that arose last Monday, when Ibero reported that a student would cease to be a member of the institution, because “He was credited with a gender assault “, after the announcement, several Internet users pointed out that it is Memo Aponte, who was accused of abuse and sexual harassment during February 2020.

In the videos published on Instagram, Memo Aponte appears in his bedroom accompanied by his girlfriend, Monica Rosales.

“A beautiful morning, waking up next to this beautiful girl. Now everyone says I have no school,” said the voice actor.

However, Memo Aponte did not clarify his current situation at Ibero and even joked that he must now sell his collectible dolls.

“No! I’m going to have to sell my funko. No, only then can I live, this way I can finance my life. No, not funko, ”he said.

Later, the actor assured that now his followers will be able to enjoy more content on his YouTube channel, as he will have more free time.

The good news is that now you will be able to see more strange content on my YouTube channel. Do you know how impressive that is? Free time to do strange things every day, “he said.

Accusations against Memo Aponte

Last year, the voice actor became a trend on Twitter, after a group of users of the social network shared several messages in which they reported that Memo Aponte had harassed them and, even, some of the young women also denounced that he had sexually abused them.

One of the publications that has circulated the most on the social network pointed out that a young woman had had a relationship with the actor when she was 13 years old, but as they spent time together, the shouting and violence increased.

“When I was 13 I had a relationship with the” famous “Disney actor, Guillermo Aponte Mille, many times I wanted to get out of it but as time went on I felt more insecure, the screaming and violence increased, I was sexually abused in the forest of the fourth section of Lomas Verdes “, reads the publication shared by Twitter users.


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