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Melting snow in Norway – climate change releases 1,300-year-old skis

At least for archaeologists, climate change has something good …

Because: When glaciers and ice layers melt due to global warming, real treasures are sometimes uncovered. Just like now in the Norwegian mountain region of Reinheimen. There, in September, researchers found a wooden ski with bindings made of leather and birch bark, such as “spectrum“Writes.

The piece was found in the Digervarden ice rink and goes perfectly with a similar ski that was found back in 2014. When this was examined using radiocarbon dating, the scientists put its age at 1,300 years.

The skis are relatively wide and have a hole in their tip. The new one is 17 inches wide and 187 inches long. Archaeologist Lars Holger Pilø believes that the leather and birch bark strap was threaded through the hole to bind the toes. Together with a colleague, he leads the research project “Secrets of the Ice” in Norway. “The leather strap was for the heel. And the straps were fixed in the opening with a wooden stopper, ”he explains.

The ski was probably there to make better progress in the snow. A longitudinal furrow in the underside of the ski probably also helped. However, the researchers can no longer reconstruct why the ski was found there and what happened to its owner.

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