‘Mel’ Zelaya talks about alliances ahead of general elections

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Manuel Zelaya Rosales, general coordinator of the party Freedom and Refoundation (Free), referred in the last hours to the option of forming a multiparty alliance with a view to general elections November in Honduras.

The former Honduran president (2006-2009) and husband of the virtual candidate of Free In general elections, Xiomara Castro stated that any opposition alliance must be led by the Libre candidate.

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In Twitter, the ex-president wrote: “Obligatory answer; it was said before the elections that the opposition candidate with the most votes in the primaries must be the one who heads an alliance and she is Xiomara Castro“.

In Free they contended 4 candidates for the presidential candidacy: Xiomara Castro (78%), Nelson Ávila (11%), Carlos Eduardo Reina (5%) and Wilfredo Méndez (4%). The wide difference, with less than 800 minutes to be scrutinized, grant Castro the candidacy, which will be made official by the National Electoral Council (CNE) on April 13.

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While, Zelaya Rosales considers that “alliances should not be proposed ignoring the indisputable triumph of Xiomara Castro”, in reference to the versions that, since March 14, the day the primary elections were held, advanced the union between Libre and Yani Rosenthal, of the Liberal party, or Salvador Nasralla, party leader Salvador from Honduras.

Luis Zelaya, a possible defeated candidate in the Liberal party, behind Rosenthal, announced together with Nasralla, Ávila, Méndez, María Luisa Borjas and other figures from different currents, a multiparty alliance facing the general elections, which will seek to dethrone the ruling National party , in power since 2010.

Leaders of Libre, like Juan Barahona, they slipped in recent weeks that an alliance with Rosenthal It is not ruled out, although, immediately, the congressman came to cut short and said that his words had been misinterpreted, at the same time that Zelaya Rosales endorsed version.

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