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Meetings with Zúñiga will be in Washington, says the Honduran foreign minister

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

A commission of Honduran officials will travel to Washington to participate in high-level workshops and address various issues, including migration.

The meetings begin on Friday and Ricardo Zúñiga will also participate in them, say Honduran authorities.

The Chancellor of the Republic, Lisandro Rosales, explained that the work tables were already scheduled and it is that is why Ricardo Zúñiga he will not come to Honduras on his visit to the Northern Triangle of Central America starting today.

The United States special envoy will visit Guatemala and El Salvador from today until next Thursday to address the causes of migration.

The State Department reported in a statement that Zúñiga will be accompanied by the senior director of cross-border security of the National Security Council, Katie Tobin.

LEA: Envoy from the US will travel to Guatemala and El Salvador to address the migration crisis

The US envoy is not scheduled to visit Honduras, so the foreign minister explained the reasons why he will not arrive in the country.

Rosales said that in February the Honduran representation met with President Joe Biden’s main adviser for Latin America, Juan Gonzalez, and other officials from that country.

“We met with them and there we agreed to establish working groups in the different areas of interest that Honduras has, basically national reconstruction, migration, economic development, hemispheric security and we have already been working with them.”

“We had a conversation with Ricardo Zúñiga to finalize details of these high-level work groups and they will be in Washington. I will participate, Ambassador Luis Suazo, Minister (Carlos) Madero and others for the different activities we have ”.

He added that it is a job that they have been advancing, “we were the first in CA to advance and we met with them. and we have made progress in the dialogue ”.

Rosales stressed that it is clear that Zúñiga will not come to Honduras because as of Friday he begins to work in the US capital at the work tables with him and other instances. “We have already been working on this issue.”

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