Meeting of the US Conservatives: Home game for Trump

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It was Trump’s first appearance since January 20 – and it looked like he had never been voted out. At the Conservatives meeting in Florida, the ex-president underlined his claim to leadership and did not rule out a return.

From Jule Käppel,
ARD-Studio Washington currently from Orlando / Florida

“Have you missed me yet?” Donald Trump asked the ultra-conservatives at their annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. For almost six weeks he had only spoken sporadically – in written statements and in phone calls with right-wing television stations. His comeback began with a clear announcement about the future of the Republican Party.

Jule Käppel

Jule Käppel
ARD-Studio Washington

“We have the Republican Party. It will unite and be stronger than ever. I will not found a new party,” said Trump, calling the rumors “fake news”. The speculation arose after some high-ranking party members found him guilty in the second impeachment trial. On stage he listed them by name – they were booed.

Attack against Biden

The ex-president said the Republican Party was changing and called it “a party of love”. In his one and a half hour speech, he took a long time to criticize Joe Biden’s administration. He condemned the corona, energy and border policy.

President Biden’s decisions are a “disaster”. “Your families still can’t eat out in local restaurants,” said Trump. But Biden is bringing thousands of refugees into the country from all over the world.

Horn concert for the ex-president

On the stage in the American national colors, Trump had a home game. On the driveway to the conference hotel, a sea of ​​flags greeted him at the roadside. With a concert of horns and cheers, exuberant supporters celebrated the return of their hero.

This unbroken support was also evident among the conference participants. In a poll of more than 1,000 people, seven out of ten Conservatives said Trump should join the White House battle again in 2024.

He gave them cautious hope. “Who knows, maybe I’ll decide to take them (the Democrats, Editor’s note) to hit a third time, “said the ex-president. He reiterated his unsubstantiated claims that the election had been stolen. The hall agreed with him. He won, the crowd chanted.

Wave of enthusiasm

The Republican Party has no time to look back. She wants to decide the majority in Congress in the mid-term elections next year. The Conservatives are dependent on Trump’s support and he left no doubt about it.

“I will continue to fight by your side,” he promised and a wave of enthusiasm met him. In his first public appearance after retirement, Trump showed himself to be the undisputed leader of the conservative movement. He finds full support for this leadership role in the ranks of the value-conservative supporters. The loss of power hasn’t changed her love for him.

Christiane Meier, ARD New York, on Trump’s appearance

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He encouraged them that the party would soar to new strength and that in four years a triumphant Republican would again move into the White House. “Who will that be?” Oracle Trump, leaving the question of his return to the limelight open.

Trump’s first speech as ex-president at the annual conservative meeting

Jule Käppel, ARD Washington, March 1, 2021 6:26 am

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