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Meet Florian Thauvin, possible first reinforcement of the post Ricardo Ferretti era

The possibility that Florian Thauvin, World Champion with France in 2018, reinforces Tigres in the post-Tuca Ferretti era gains strength and before this we present information about the French player

The possibility of Frenchman Florian Thauvin reaching Tigres is open and if the transfer is made, the felines will achieve a relevant signing as an Olympique de Marseille player who has already been part of the national team.

Nearby sources informed ESPN Typel that the possibility of the player joining the felines for the next Mexican soccer tournament, although nothing has been closed so far.

Thauvin ends his contract with the French team next June and the possibility of him arriving as a free player is open to that., as happened in 2015 with André-Pierre Gignac.

Although the player’s agreement with Olympique de Marseille is terminated, coach Jorge Sampaoli wants the club to renew the player’s contract, but for now it is a real possibility for the felines.

The offensive midfielder began his career in his country, he played for Olympique and later played for Newcastle, but in 2016 he returned to Marseille to stay until now, with an outstanding performance that has allowed him to be considered in the senior team of his country .

With the French representative, Florian Thauvin was part of the squad that was crowned in the 2018 World Cup Russia, in which he had little activity by participating only in one match.

Thus, while the board seeks the first contract in the post Ricardo Ferretti era, the squad struggles to reach the league of the Guard1anes Clausura 2021 Tournament at the hands of the Brazilian, after they will face Atlas in the playoffs.

Ricardo Ferretti will leave the team at the end of the tournament, after he did not reach an agreement with the board to renew his contract and before this the club is already looking for a replacement, among whom is Miguel Herrera, who is the most advanced in the negotiations .

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