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Medical miracle: Six legged dog born in Oklahoma

Updated February 24, 2021, 4:33 pm

  • A little six-legged dog was born in Oklahoma.
  • According to the veterinary clinic, no dog with such a birth defect has survived for so long.
  • And the doctors are confident that the little “skipper” can lead a good life.

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The little “Skipper” loves everything that puppies love: eat, sleep and doze off. But the small mix of Border Collie and Australian Shepherd is something very special: Skipper was born with six legs, as the treating animal clinic Neel Veterinary Hospital reports on social media.

“This is the little miracle called Skipper,” wrote the clinic on February 21 on its Facebook page. So far, no case is known in which a dog with Skippers birth defects has survived for so long. At the time of posting, the animal was already several days old.

Skipper was born during a heavy snow storm

According to the clinic director Tina Neel, the little bitch saw the light of day naturally with her eight brothers and sisters. The birth took place on February 16 without medical assistance during a heavy snow storm in Oklahoma. Only after the weather had calmed down, Skipper’s owner could have the animal examined by the doctors.

“Our doctors knew we would need more images to make a diagnosis. We decided to use an abdominal ultrasound,” the clinic director told CNN. “The ultrasound, along with x-rays, showed that Skipper had multiple types of deformities,” Neel said.

Puppy was probably part of a twin

The little bitch has only one head and chest cavity, but two pelvic regions, two lower urinary tracts, two reproductive regions and, among other things, two tails and six legs. Neel suspects that Skipper was part of a twin in the uterus and that the cells did not completely separate from one another when they divided: “Only the back half of the body could duplicate itself.”

The little bitch is currently doing well, but the clinic’s doctors continue to monitor her condition. It will be ensured that Skipper “feels comfortable and pain-free for the rest of their life,” announced the clinic on its Facebook page.

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