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Meat Pope Salt Bae – Gaga prices in the new restaurant

When HE sprinkles salt on his steaks, celebrities come in droves.

Cult butcher Salt Bae (38, real name Nusret Gökçe) has now opened a restaurant in London. The prices? Totally gaga!

An invoice has appeared on the Internet, issued on September 23rd. The bill, including tip, amounts to 1812.40 pounds – the equivalent of 2120.86 euros.

Admittedly, a few mouths must have been shut for the money. The individual items, however, testify to a certain megalomania. Here some examples:

▶ Red Bull for 12.88 euros

▶ Salad for just under 26.94 euros

▶ 117.12 euros for the Golden Burger

▶ Tomahawk steak for an unbelievable 737.87 euros

The network is going crazy. A user wrote on Twitter: “For the money it is cheaper to fly to one of the Turkish restaurants in Salt Bae and eat there.”

Of course, it doesn’t work out that way, but the tenor is clear: Much too expensive.

Salt Bae shouldn’t mind. Because the 38-year-old is a MEGA star among restaurateurs, his customers love luxury. Leonardo DiCaprio had a taste for Nusret Gökçe, as did Bruce Willis and Puff Daddy – to name just a few.

Footballers seem to feel particularly comfortable with the meat pope. Whether Manuel Neuer, Lionel Messi, Mesut Özil or David Beckham. You have all been to one of the restaurants called “Nusr-Et”.

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Not to forget the ex-Bayern kicker Franck Ribéry. He had received a decent shit storm in 2019 because he had eaten a gold-coated steak worth almost 1200 euros.

Salt Bae already operates 13 feeding stamps worldwide, from Beverly Hills (USA) to Bodrum (Turkey). And now London.

The British capital is considered an expensive place. Many stars have a place to stay here. There are also six top division football clubs with Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Fulham, Crystal Palace and Westham.

Salt Bae should always have a full hut – Gaga prices or not …

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