Measures are accelerated despite pressure on the coast per season

Faced with this, they are vaccinated, in any of their formats or nationalities, for now they will not be able to do much. Argentina is behind in the application as is almost everyone, although the dimensions will be different.

Alberto Fernández does not have until January 15 to define whether or not to close connections with the world via Ezeiza. That speculation that ran through the media yesterday is missing a previous data: on Friday the deadline for suspension of flights with the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia and Denmark, all destinations where the new British strain was detected, expires. The information was a bit behind since other variants of the virus were added to the list and it is this week when the President must define how to advance with these and new restrictions. There will be more, that’s for sure.

The difference is that this time the economy weighs. There will no longer be dilemmas, which have proven wrong in many cases. Yesterday’s decision of the coastal mayors with Axel Kicillof made it clear that also in the province of Buenos Aires it is confirmed that there are no funds to suspend the season and go out to financially assist the economic victims of the pandemic.

It is worth as shown by the advance that Daniel Arroyo made, in an attempt to calm down. “If there is a resurgence, there will be exceptional emergency measures,” said the minister. Perhaps not even he knows where he will be able to get funds if finally life in the country has to be hardened again.

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