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Meaning of the April Pink Supermoon that will change your energy

With the arrival of April come the astronomical events that nature gives us. The most anticipated is the Pink Superluna, which will happen on April 27. This phenomenon is so called not because of its color, but because the Full Moon phase is at the closest point to Earth. Here we tell you how to observe this event and its meaning.

Pink supermoon, meaning and date

This Moon is called a ‘super’ due to its full moon appearance, which will appear larger in the sky. The Full Moon will be 357 thousand 591 km away. The phenomenon will begin at 9:00 p.m. on April 26 and the full moon will be at 5:33 a.m. the next day.

Although it will not appear pink, it is named by Native Americans for the wild phlox, plants that bloom in early spring in the United States and Canada. In other parts of the world it is known as the Fish Moon, Easter Moon or Bud Moon.

This Moon marks the beginning of important festivities, because although the last Moon of Worms announced the change of season to coincide with the thaw. The pink Supermoon heralds the rebirth of nature. For this reason it is believed that it is the time for new beginnings and creativity.

In India, the birth of the monkey god Hanuman is celebrated in the festival called Hanuman Jayanti.

Other astronomical events will be the rain of stars Lyrid, which will happen between April 22 and 23. It bears this name because they occur in the constellation Lyra and it occurs with the passage of comet C / 1861 G1 Thatches.

Tonight you can see between 10 and 20 shooting stars, which can be seen through a telescope.

Finally, April 28 will be the Galaxia Molineta, which was discovered in 1781. It can be seen in the constellation Ursa Major.

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